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Your Virtual Office - Telephone Answering Service

Your Virtual Office - Telephone Answering Service


If you are wondering to yourself what a virtual telephone answering service does and why you should consider one, we’ve got some insight and answers for you!    

Why would I need a Telephone Answering Service?

  • It could be that you are on site on a project and can’t take calls
  • It could be that the environment isn’t right to pick up the calls with simply too much background noise
  • It could be that you are running a business where ALL your employees are working remotely, and you don’t have a fixed landline number for clients to contact you on
  • It could be that you are hyper organised and want to have a period of your working day to return calls when YOU are ready
  • It could be that you are using a personal mobile and want to separate work and pleasure

What are the Benefits?

  • Consistency. You know all your incoming calls will be answered; and that for each call you’ll  receive a message with a contact name, number and reason for the call
  • Knowing the reason for a call allows you to prepare for the return call; to have your diary to hand, to have a document ready to discuss
  • It allows you to respond to calls when you are ready; when that all important report has been written!
  • We are passionate about our work, we’re people focused and know the importance of a first impression.  Switchboard Works is an extension of your business.

What’s Included:

  • For £35* per month you will receive:
  • A telephone answering service from Monday to Friday (9am – 5pm)
  • 24hour voicemail service
  • Ability to log in remotely to direct calls to relevant numbers

The overall cost is less than a cup of coffee a day and will allow you to work IN your business and do what you do best. 

Find out more and call us on 0141 428 3949, or email us at info@switchboardworks.com

* Price is £35 plus VAT for up to 50 calls a month

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