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A Virtual Office, Mail Address and Mail Holding Service

A Virtual Office, Mail Address and Mail Holding Service


If you are wondering to yourself what a Mail Address and Mail Holding Service does and why you might need this resource in your business then read on!

What is a mail address?

A Mailing Address is an address that you purchase though us.  We’ll provide you with a premium Southside Glasgow address where you can have you business post sent to.  All your business post will then be sent to this premium address. 

But what happens then?

The Mail Holding Service (part of this product) holds the Mail until you are able to collect it, or if something is urgent we can open and simply scan it to you.  Our product isn’t a faceless business, you will get to know the team that are supporting your business and be able to flag if there is something important for us to look out for. 

What are the Benefits of a Mail Address and Mail Holding Service and how would this help my business?

  • Many of our customer base who have invested in a Mailing Address run a home based business but want to separate their private and business lives.  These customers don’t want prospective clients to know where they and their family live
  • If you are looking to drive sales or further your business reach and are updating your website a business address is recommended.  Would you want to share your home address on the website?  Do you want to allow prospective customers to Google and have a nose at your house frontage!? Having a business address on your website will ensure you look credible and professional. 
  • If you are wanting to dial up your business and take it to the next level and want to drive business prospects to a specific location, this could be the perfect solution for you - many of our custoers have businesses in other parts of the city but want to have a prescence on the Southside of Glasgow too.  
  • If you are self employed and taking time out from the business perhaps a sabbatical, annual leave or  taking maternity leave, you can be rest assured that your paperwork is held safely for your return

What’s included:

For £25 per month (plus VAT) you will enjoy privacy, peace of mind and know post will never go astray again! 

The overall cost is less than a cup of tea a day and will allow you the privacy you need.

Find out more and call us on 0141 428 3949, or email us at info@switchboard.com


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