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7 Creative Coworking Spaces Around the World

7 Creative Coworking Spaces Around the World


Creative Coworking | Scotland

Coworking spaces are a hotbed of creativity. Bringing like-minded people together in one space provides opportunities for collaboration and inspiration

Sometimes that inspiration flows from the space itself. There are many cool coworking spaces around the world, designed with creative people in mind. They’re vibrant and inspiring, but more importantly, they’re authentic spaces for creative coworking communities.

Here are seven of the best creative coworking spaces from around the world:

1. Hubud, Bali

Hubud is a unique coworking space, set in paradise. It offers a space for coliving, as well as a programme of events that encourage social activism, learning and fun. Throughout the year, they also host a number of stimulating retreats, such as “Women on a Mission” and their “Public Speaking, Storytelling and Media Training Workshop”.

2. Kindred Studios, Melbourne

Kindred Studios provides a space for all manner of creative freelancers, including designers, entrepreneurs, musicians, photographers and more. As well as coworking spaces, they have rehearsal rooms, a theatre stage, a recording studio and a dance and yoga studio - basically anything a creative-type could ask for.

3. Brooklyn Boulders, Chicago

Brooklyn Boulders is an insane space that combines coworking with climbing. There’s climbing walls, a gym, yoga studio, community space, event spaces, and in the midst of it all a collaborative workspace for active freelancers and entrepreneurs.

4. The Thinking Hut, Amsterdam

The Thinking Hut has two spots in Amsterdam, one of which is a converted horse stable, the other, a converted bicycle factory. This adds to the chic vibe of the office spaces. They are located in one of the coolest cities in the world after all. Along with workshops and business talks, the community gets involved in art classes.

5. Arebyte, London

Arebyte is a company that supports artists, particularly those who work with digital media or technology. They offer affordable studios and coworking spaces for artists across London. At any location, you might find an animator, DJ, fashion designer or fine artist doing their thing.

6. Village Underground, Lisbon

Village Underground is the epitome of modern coworking. They have a number of coworking spaces created from recycled shipping containers. If you thought that was cool, they also have two double decker buses that have been converted into a restaurant and conference room.

7. NapLab, Bangkok

NapLab is equal parts strange and amazing. The space is made up of pods stacked on top of one another, resembling the retro game show, Celebrity Squares. In each square, you’ll find people working on their laptop, resting or full-on napping. The concept was thought up by a design studio that specialises in creative corporate experiences.

Now the only question is, which of these coworking spaces would you most like to visit? Or if you’re looking for a flexible, coworking space closer to home, get in touch with our team today.

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