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5 Best Desk Plants

5 Best Desk Plants


When choosing a plant for your desk there are a few factors to take into consideration, such as how much care they require, the amount of light they need and which temperature suits them best. As more and more people are working from home it’s important that your workspace is an area that encourages you and helps productivity.


We have put together a list of 5 plants that tick all the boxes when sourcing one for your desk or office space.


Snake plant - Almost indestructible, this easy to care for plant is a great low light plant to brighten up any office.


English Ivy – Suitable for light and airy spaces the English Ivy enjoys lots of light and doesn’t require an extensive amount of water. Wait until the top of the soil is dry to touch before watering.  Great for hanging off bookshelves.


ZZ Plant - Super easy to look after this plant require infrequent watering, as little as every 2-3 weeks, and thrives in medium to low light. Making it great for offices with little sun light.


Peace Lilly - Delicate looking plant that is surprisingly tough and requires watering only once a week. It is also great for purifying air.


Succulents – These plants store water in their leaves. Therefore, they usually only require watering weekly. They also enjoy sunlight and dry air so great for offices with air con or central heating.


So whither you have a small and dark office with little natural light or an office that's flooded with light there is a plant to suit all types of enviroments. 



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